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Flight in Focus: An Intro To The DJI Phantom

Radio controlled flight has always been a fascination of mine thanks to my dad always having RC planes in the house when I was a child. The thought of being able to hold a transmitter in hand and control a plane, as it flew through the air excited me and still does. This childhood love

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It becomes a part of you, and you wish to share it with

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He later got a job with a manufacturer of video games

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I Feel Quite Contrasty Today

Daily Photo - I Feel Quite Contrasty Today I woke up from a chilly December nights sleep in the woods of Northeast PA. I struggled to crawl out of my toasty zero degree sleeping bag, but I had coffee and breakfast on my mind, so I forced myself out of my cocoon. The temperature was

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The Yard

Hey folks, I just wanted to give you a heads up that this Friday, February 3rd. Adventure Travel Buzz will be posting a tutorial on how to create great panoramic shots without investing hours upon hours of time. be sure to check it out, or subscribe to our RSS feed. Daily Photo - The Yard

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Purple Magic Skyline

Daily Photo: Purple Magic Skyline Seattle is one of those places I dreamed of for many years, but for one reason or another, I just couldn't get out there. That was, until last year. I had signed up to do a Summit For Someone climb of Mount Rainier. Rainier was the driving force behind my

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They Lit A Fire In Salt Lake City

Hey guys, just a heads up! soon I will be posting a tutorial on how to create awesome panoramas using Photomerge, which is a part of the newer versions of Photoshop. If you have any desire to learn how to create stunning wide photos that look awesome and don't require hours of work, then definitely keep Adventure

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