Bluebird Day At Crater Lake


It was late August and I had just finished a climb of Mount Rainier a few days earlier. I had left Portland recharged after the exhausting climb. I was ready for some more exploring. When I talked with a friend about my road trip a month prior, they had mentioned Crater Lake and suggested I work it into my itinerary. I hadn’t heard much about the park prior to that, but I figured since it was only a few hour drive from Portland, that I would head there next. It was that first view of this gargantuan lake that change my life forever. Rainier was huge, but once you got close to it, you began to meld into it, and it was harder to really see how big it was, but at Crater Lake, you could stand right on the crater rim, with a 1000 foot drop off below you and really grasp how massive this body of water was. Though I only got to spend a day in this amazing place, it sticks with me, and I am looking forward to trying to get back there this summer to capture more images of this awesome place.

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