Jam Out In Style With Goal0 Rock Out Speakers

By: Patrick Gensel [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQwzj5lhvew'] Looking for an affordable way to share your tunes around the camp fire or at base camp? Sounds like the Rock Out by Goal0 is just what you need. The Rock Out speaker system is a rechargeable and portable speaker for any device with a standard headphone jack. The Rock

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Camelbak Insulated Groove Filter Bottle

By: Patrick Gensel   [yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGu8BT6jZdg'] Hydration experts Camelbak are at it again with a water bottle that provides its own filter built into the straw. The Groove provides a replaceable cartridge filter that will keep your water tasting great. Camelbak states that it will filter about 378 bottles worth of water. Keep in mind that

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Klymit’s Inflatable Outdoor Products

By: Patrick Gensel In 2006, scuba diver and outdoor person Nate Alder took the noble gas concept used in dry suits and started to transition it into other types of outdoor gear. Using Argon, a safe and eco friendly gas, Alder was able to create products that insulate using the lightweight and readily available gas.

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Sanuk’s Upcoming Spring 2012 Lineup: Bro-tastic.

By: Patrick Gensel Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of Sanuk Footwear. Popular with climbers, surfers, and outdoorsy people in general, Sanuk has gained a lot of steam in the past few years. Their spring 2012 lineup is looking like it will be a step forward for the brand

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Help! I Need A Sleeping Bag

By: Patrick Gensel Just like you shouldn't TP your neighbors house without concealing your identity, you shouldn't go camping without an adequate sleeping bag. The problem is that if, like many, you are new to the whole outdoor scene, combing through the mountains of options available might be harrowing at best. Options such as down,

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The Gigantic Gargantuan Gear Giveaway

The guys at Outdoorinformer.com and Campinggeartv.com have been working feverishly to put together the ultimate gear giveaway.  With over $7500 in gear up for grabs, the Gargantuan Gear Giveaway aims to be one of the biggest explosions of gear this year. Starting August 1st, 15 winners will receive swag from some of the biggest names

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Gearhead: Mountain Hardwear Paladin Backpack

Patrick takes a look at the Mountain Hardwear Paladin backpack. This small yet roomy and organized backpack is great for bike commuters, travelers, day trippers and more. Some stats on the Paladin: 840D HT Ballistic Nylon body panels HardWear™ Tarp XL accent panels Dimensions: 22 in X 13 in X 10 in / 56 cm X

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Gearhead: Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch

If you're an outdoorsman, and like myself have a thing for analytics, then having a reliable watch is important. From keeping time, to tracking elevation and barometric pressure, the wrist watches of today are more computer than time piece. Probably one of the better known items in this category, the Suunto Core offers all of these features and more.

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GearHead: Arc’teryx Theta AR Jacket

http://youtu.be/fE41s8T75Kc Behold, the amazing, do it all, bombproof jacket:  The Arc'teryx Theta AR.  This is one of the finest pieces of clothing I have ever bought, and yes, it was worth every penny.  Check out today's video post for an in depth look at this awesome jacket, constructed of Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric.  I use

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Gearhead: Teva Verdon WP Light Hiking Shoes

Comfortable, effective footwear is important not only when out on the trail, but in day to day life. No one enjoys uncomfortable feet. Soft, cushioned insoles and a waterproof outer are not always part of the deal, but when you pick up a pair of Teva's Verdon WP (Water Proof) you get just that.

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