Bridge Day 2011 Accident, A Reminder Of The Risks

Let me preface this by saying, although he survived that fall, the extent of his injury is not known yet. This is a reminder to us all of the risks we assume when Jumping off a bridge, dropping into a powder bowl or climbing a rock face. Risk assessment is an important part of any activity and should not be taken lightly.

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Ontario announced that, in preparation for Canada’s 150th birthday

Last week, Ontario announced that, in preparation for Canada's 150th birthday, it was updating its official provincial anthem. Wait, Ontario has a provincial anthem, you say? Yes in fact, most provinces have an anthem.Newfoundland and Labrador is the only province on this list that actually used to be a country, so they entered Confederation in

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With a June 30 deadline looming

Welcome back, Gluefinger Dupre. So long, Malachi Scissorhands. The best news Saturday was that Malachi Dupre returned to his 2015 form with four catches on five targets for a team high 54 yards and no drops. Fireflies are not pursued by too many natural predators in the wild because they taste gross. In addition to

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Recovering Star: Beth Rodden

When I think of notable female rock climber, probably one of the first names that comes to mind is Beth Rodden. From being the youngest female to climb a 5.14a to red-pointing the FA of Meltdown a previously ungraded climb in Yosemite valley. There is no doubt that she is one of climbing's most respected

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Passive and Active Protection, The Benefits

Anyone who is involved with the sport has likely heard the terms passive and active protection, but may wonder what does that all mean and what is better. Well I will begin by saying that I have heard both sides of the coin many times, so ultimately it is a matter of preference, but there

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New River Rendezvous Ocho Loco

On Thursday my crew and I will be packing up our climbing and camping gear and heading southwest to the famous New River Gorge for a long weekend of camping, climbing and an all out party. Yes we will be partaking in this years New River Rendezvous. for those of you not aware, the New

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Key Climbing Terms

Ever head to the gym or crag and hear some terms thrown around that you may not quite understand? well i've compiled a list of some of the more common ones and defined them. Abseil - Same as Rappel, to decend using rope to control your decent. Active Protection - also called Active Pro. Active

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Great Day Gym Climbing, with a Great Take-away

By Patrick Gensel Tonight I made it out to the local Climbing Gym, Wilkes-Barre Climbing Gym for my first climbing session in a while. I warmed up with some bouldering and stuck with that for about an hour or so until a friend of mine showed up and we did some top roping. To make

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