Game Night

Remember when people went to the bowling alley on Friday nights? Remember playing the skill crane? This image just screams of my youth. I'm glad I rediscovered this one. I decided to give it a faded vintage color toned look. I think that really makes it shine.

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Seeking Safety Within

Centralia, the definition of modern ghost town, sits mostly abandoned and decaying in the coal mining region of Pennsylvania. Thanks to a fire that sparked nearly fifty years in the coal veins below this once quint little town. Analysts suspect the fire to burn for the next thousand years or so due to the abundance

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My Alien And I

A follower of this blog asked me if I could put together a primer on how to shoot the night sky and capture the stars as we see them. I will be working on that today and hopefully sharing it with everyone this week, so stay tuned for that! My Alien And I I had

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Our Neck Of The Woods

It was a clear June night in Northeast PA, and I had just returned from traveling around the western US. It was late evening and I decided since I didn't get any astrophotography done while out west, I needed to take advantage of the clear night sky before me.

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The Writings On The Wall

I love a good abandoned building, and I love exploring. Combine those two things with photography, and I am borderline euphoric. Recently my friend Adrienne and I did some abandoned building exploration of our own. Now I had been to these buildings many times before, they are structures from an old coal mining village, but

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A Boat And A Boulder

Daily Photo - A Boat And A Boulder It was an exceptionally nice November day in Pennsylvania, so we knew we had to take an extra long lunch and climb on some local boulders. Here, John is doing some traversing while a Kayaker down in the reservoir is watching. 2011 Patrick Gensel - Creative Commons

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The Moon From Mars

Daily Photo - The Moon From Mars I was wandering around the Earth Conservancy land yesterday while out there rock climbing. The light was getting really perfect so I had to go exploring with my camera.  I couldn't pass up this extra terrestrial looking scene of a culm bank and the moon. 2012 Patrick Gensel

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Over The Knob

Daily Photo - Over The Knob I took this while heading to visit my parents. It wasn't an ideal time of day for a landscape shot, but the blue sky and clouds were just too beautiful to pass up. This feature is called Tilbury Knob and it is located in West Nanticoke, PA.

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