On The Shores Of The Delaware

Paddling is an outdoor pursuit that I can enjoy both alone and with a group. This past weekend, we loaded up our boats and headed for the eastern border of Pennsylvania to paddle a section of the Delaware river. The nice thing about paddling this river is that you can use the shuttle system that is offered

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Morning Curves

Travel Update The countdown begins! In less than four weeks, Emalee and I will begin our trek across the pond to Iceland and Norway. The plan is to spend three days in Iceland followed by eleven days in Norway. I am super excited about Norway since I have not made it there yet, but am

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Capturing Capitols: Photographing The 50 US Statehouses

I've done a lot of traveling within the United States over the past few years, traveling from one big city to the next, capturing different sights with my camera. Back in 2012 while covering the Presidential primaries in New Hampshire, I made a side trip to the capitol building in Manchester. My friend Bill, who happened

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Signs Of Adventure: A Blind Hill

While traveling through Iceland last May, we came upon many signs with the Icelandic language on it that we couldn't read, but could easily interpret. This one in the Northwestern Fjords was clearing pointing out a upcoming blindspot. Shortly after snapping the photo, a car drove up over the blind spot that was unable to

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The End is only the Beginning

The past few weeks have been a dream-like for me. I have been present, but not really here. In the end of March, my father passed away due to complications from a pretty routine procedure. It snapped me into the realization as to how fragile life is, but it also changed my perspective on some

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Forest Glow – New Hampshire

There is something lovely about the dense forests of the Northeastern United States. In the height of the green season, light often has trouble piercing the armor which is the forest canopy. When light does happen to find it's way in, we are treated to a laser light show of sorts. I captured these golden

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The Jet Star

While I was wandering around Kennedy Space Center last year, this early Jet caught my eye. It just screamed starfighter to me, and really grabbed a hold of my imagination. If you could fly into space, anywhere, where would you go? how long would you stay? Space flight has always intrigued me, so getting see

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Open Season

In Northeast PA, sugaring season is in full force and we are hard at work tapping trees, collecting sap, and boiling it down into sweet delicious syrup. In this shot, Bill Urbanski, my close friend, and a farmer at Urbanski Farms is carrying many gallons of unprocessed maple sap on the back of a Farmall

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Lost Beneath The Yellow Light | Iceland

While I was traveling throughout Iceland last year, there were many songs playing on the car radio, and many of them trigger certain memories, and mental images. Whenever I hear Yellow Light by Of Monsters and Men, my mind drifts to The dreamy midnight sun and how it danced around the dramatic landscape of the

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Ride That Wave

With spring starting to make an appearance here in the Northeast, I am starting to get amped up about warm weather activities, both that I can participate in, and photograph. While I was exploring Delaware Seashore State Park  last summer, I ran into a bunch of skim boarders who were really quite impressive.  For nearly

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