January Blues

Some people may hate the winter, others love it, and while I do love warm summer sunshine, and the chance to hike and photograph the outdoors with minimal layers, I still enjoy the spoils of a good winter. January in the northeast often has a pretty awesome yield of snow and Ice, and this winter

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Atlantis Rising

Atlantis, the last shuttle of NASA's program, ever launched into space, is now permanently on display at Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, Florida. I don't think i'll ever forget the moment when I was watching the presentation for this exhibit. It was a very small theater, and I expected the film to end, then we

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A Traveler Amongst The Snow

Climbing a mountain is a special experience that I personally enjoy a great deal. Getting to share that experience with someone special makes it even better. So for Valentines Day weekend, I surprised Emalee with her first ever Snowshoeing experience. We made our way north into the High Peaks region of Adirondack Preserve in New

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Stand By Your Van

One thing i've wanted for a long time is a Volkswagen Van of some sort. To me, they symbolized freedom on the open road, and the ability to live life of ones own terms. To me, that life was, and still is more appealing than living in a huge house, with nice cars and a

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Signs Of Adventure: Road To Dimmuborgir

Returning to Scandinavia After some planning and consideration it looks like I'll be heading back to Iceland this year, and in addition, I will be continuing on to Norway to explore a whole new country, and Emalee will be joining me to help build memorable and exciting content for all to enjoy. Tentatively we plan

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Kicking Up Snow

A few weeks ago while playing at Canyons Resort in Park City with Columbia Sportswear, I decided to mount my GoPro to the nose of my snowboard and experiment a bit with it, though the sky was overcast and ugly looking, I happened to get a cool shot of me going into a turn and

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The Little Church on the Coast – Iceland

Iceland has been one of the most magical and untouched places I've ever been. Spending nearly ten days circumnavigating the country, I took in so many unique sights. Glacial flows, Buildings partially encased in hardened lava, Hot springs, and beautiful mountains. Of the sights I saw while exploring iceland, some of the scenery along the

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Adirondack Blues

Sometimes I like to dive back a few years into the archives and see what I saw through my camera on a particular adventure. This shot comes from a trip in 2011 to New York's highest point, Mount Marcy in the High Peaks region of Adirondack Preserve. The weather was absolutely perfect for this hike,

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Canyon Traveler

As  I made my way out of the Grand Canyon, I turned to look back down into the Canyon and saw a hiker working his way back up the North Kaibab Trail. The hiker set against the massive canyon really put the size of this place into perspective.

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Merry Christmas Around The World

Merry Christmas to everyone wherever you are in this beautiful world. This shot was taken last month at World Showcase in Disney's Epcot park in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

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