Finally, The GoPro Footage from Red Bull Stratos

If you remember, on October 14th, 2012, Austrian sky diver Felix Baumgartner stepped out of his capsule suspended 24 miles above the surface of the earth to embark on a historic freefall that would take him beyond the speed of sound to 843.6 miles, making him the first human being to surpass the speed of sound without engine power. In addition, Baumgartner also broke the record for highest manned balloon flight, and highest altitude jump. Having grown up after the excitement of the space race, this mission felt akin to what my parents and their generation must have felt when watching the first manned mission to the moon and similar space adventures. One thing that many people were looking for after the launch was footage from the GoPro camera’s attached to Felix’s chest. We all knew they were there, but none of the footage had surfaced yet. Now, over a year later, we have a chance to relive that day of human accomplishment, both scientific and personal. Enjoy!

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