8 Useful Travel Apps

There is no arguing that technology is both a gift and a curse. One one hand it is putting an endless wealth of knowledge at our fingertips nearly 24/7, but on the other hand, it

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit Solar Charger

If you love to be outdoors, but also have a soft spot for technology like I do, then you more than likely have ran into a dead phone or camera battery before. Fortunately for us,

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The Awesome Travel Camera Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who travels knows how important it is to capture memories from your trips. Not only for yourself, but to share with family, friends, or anyone who might not have the same opportunity. Capturing memories

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10 Tips for Better Adventure Travel Photography

Being able to share photos from your adventure travel is part of the fun in my opinion, It's one thing to tell your friends about your trip, but being able to show them takes it

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  • Iceland Sunset

Five Favorite Photos From Iceland

I talk an awful lot about Iceland over here, but with good reason, it is such a beautiful, surprisingly accessible place, and I just love it. Most of the time, I share some of the

Malcolm X did not advocate attacking the government

Mistakes. Sometimes kids lie without thinking and then dig themselves in deeper. Mom says angrily, "Who let the dog out?" Kid automatically says, "Not me!" Oops. Jared again performed extremely well with comps up 18.3%,

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