Catching up

Whew! It's been quite a while since i've posted here. I'm not really sure where all my time goes, but it disappears really quickly,  kind of like cold beer on a hot summer day. That

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Many were given to him by other players

2a, Supplementary Figure 1). Characterization of this antibody by Western blot revealed specific bands of MARCKS EGFP or EGFP MARCKS expressed in HeLa cells (Supplementary Figure 2, coloured arrows) and three non specific bands (Supplementary

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Panic and Frostnip: A Winter Hike On Mount Marcy

I gasped for air as I came to, the first thing that came to my mind was “Where the hell am I?” as I heard a familiar voice ripple through the transition between unconscious and

and a very powerful and youthful person awakens

Once this blood flow is restored, (which happens gradually), the aches and pains dissapear. The sub concious mind also plays a very critical role in a person's health. Once the problems imbibed in the sub

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Gearhead: Teva Verdon WP

Comfortable, effective footwear is important not only when out on the trail, but in day to day life. No one enjoys uncomfortable feet. Soft, cushioned insoles and a waterproof outer are not always part of

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Bluebird Day At Crater Lake

It was late August and I had just finished a climb of Mount Rainier a few days earlier. I had left Portland recharged after the exhausting climb. I was ready for some more exploring. When

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