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If you pay any attention to me on Twitter or Instagram, Im sure you have seen me talk about #Omniten or #TryingStuff and wondered what that’s all about, or maybe you havn’t been wondering at all. Well for those of you that have been wondering, #Omniten and #TryingStuff are two hashtags used by members of the Columbia Sportswear Omniten program. A program that earlier this fall I was invited to join. Each season, Columbia selects ten people who have a influential presence on social media and in the outdoors, two things which I embrace one hundred thousand percent! Our job, as ambassadors of sorts is to put Columbia’s latest and greatest products to the test while doing what we do best… Explore!

Last month, I found out that Columbia is sending us on a mission. We will be taking part in an event called the Omnigames in Park City, Utah. Now what exactly is Omnigames you ask? Well, we are wondering as well. One can only hope that it is a futuristic battle of wits featuring 3 story tall transforming robots, but that remains to be seen. All I know is it is going to be epic.

So how does one prepare for an epic challenge that involves an event that there are little to no details on? Well first we look at the clues. Clue numero uno is the location. If I were to hold an event in Park City Utah, during winter, what kind of activity would I focus on? Winter Sports! Ok so that is one clue taken care of. The next clue is in the name, Omnigames, Games! it must be some sort of competition. But what will we be competing for? and how will we train? Well I for one have taken to a training routine involving lots of beer drinking, and staring at my snowboard. I’d ride said snowboard, but the resorts are barely ready here. So stare I must. In place of actually snowboarding, I have taken to yoga to focus my mind and strengthen my core. Lastly, I have spent many an hour staring in my mirror and repeating, “You can do this, your and animal, an Omnichampion. Failure, Failure is an illusion.” That gets me pretty amped up.

In all seriousness, I am super stoked to get out and ride/ski next month with my new found Omnifamily in Park City and see what all the hype is about. I am sure that whatever Columbia Sportswear has planned for us will be nothing short of epic, because they know how to get it done. If you want to keep on the up and up, stay tuned to this site, Facebook, and Twitter to see what happens. You will be glad you did, we are going to kick off 2014 in style!

Daily Photo: Waiting In Tuckerman’s Bowl

My last snowboarding experience of the 2012/2013 season was pretty epic, We spent a weekend in March exploring New Hampshire, and while we were up there, my friends James, Jason and I hiked into Tuckermans Ravine on Mount Washington with our skis and snowboards. Riding the steep and challenging chutes of the ravine was a intense and rewarding end to a great season on the snow.

Waiting In Tuckerman's Bowl

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