The countdown to road trip 2012 begins. In less that 6 weeks I will be bound for the west with my friend Bill and his brother. Our first destination being Smith Rocks in Oregon, followed by the climb of two notable peaks, Mount Hood in Oregon and Mount Shasta in California. Expect for full reports and photos from the road during the month of June. Until then, feel free to enjoy my photos!

Daily Photo – Remaining Light

It was HOT!!! but the sinking sun was providing a little relief from the heat of the day. We had just finished up a combination of photoshoot/exploration session In the forests of northeast, PA. With the sun quickly fading, I saw an opportunity, to capture the last remaining beauty of the day. Though the beautiful and warm day had ended, it was only the beginning of a season of warmth, and we still had miles to go.

2012 Patrick Gensel