Forest Freeway

Sometimes, grabbing a photo you love can be done right near home, and with less than ideal light. That was the case this weekend when we decided to take an impromptu hike at Ricketts Glen State Park here in Northeastern, Pennsylvania. The light was harsh and bright, as one might expect on a July afternoon,

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Signs Of Adventure: Baxter Peak

Even for a day-hiker, reaching this sign is an accomplishment in and of itself, which is occasionally followed by the vertigo of the Knife Edge. For the southbound thru-hiker it is the beginning of the adventure, and it is a significant milepost for a flip-flopper like myself. Most importantly, it is the dramatic and iconic

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Stranded On The Shores Of Lake Powell

With each press of the gas I could feel the front end of the car sink deeper into the sand. Laughing, I thought to myself “This is just part of the adventure, right? I’ll remember this part of my trip forever, right?” I got out of the car, got eye level with the front bumper

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Morning Curves

Travel Update The countdown begins! In less than four weeks, Emalee and I will begin our trek across the pond to Iceland and Norway. The plan is to spend three days in Iceland followed by eleven days in Norway. I am super excited about Norway since I have not made it there yet, but am

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Signs Of Adventure: Grand Teton National Park

Often overshadowed by the more well-known Yellowstone National Park to the north, Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park offer's some of the West's most impressive mountain views, hikes and other scenery. Honestly, I personally believe this sleeper hit has just as much, if not more to offer visitors than Yellowstone. In 2011, A few friends and

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Mike’s Mountain Musings: Transformations and Warnings

The most obvious transformation after 4 weeks on the trail is that I have lost more than 10 extraneous pounds. The more profound transformations have come through highly-tuned senses. The feeling through the bottom of your boot that the muddy trail is about to give way, and you had better slow it down or risk

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Signs Of Adventure: Great Smoky Mountains

Northern GA and southern NC are a relatively solitary experience for the thru-hiker. This sign at mile 167 of the trail marks entrance into the busiest trail corridor, with over 7 million yearly visitors. After depositing their permits, thru-hikers also share the trail with the occasional horseback rider, and the several hundred black bears who

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Mike’s Mountain Musings: 15 Percent Concentrated Power Of Will

"This is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will, 5 percent pleasure and 50 percent pain. . ." The mental side of thru-hiking can make or break the experience. In part, it can be about summoning the will to push a 19 mile day, as I did on May 6

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Flight in Focus: An Intro To The DJI Phantom

Radio controlled flight has always been a fascination of mine thanks to my dad always having RC planes in the house when I was a child. The thought of being able to hold a transmitter in hand and control a plane, as it flew through the air excited me and still does. This childhood love

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Mike’s Mountain Musings: Some Conventional and Unconventional Gear Wisdom

One can find dozens of AT equipment lists on the Internet. Rather than provide another one here, I will offer some wisdom on what to take and what to leave behind. A photo of my unpacked gear follows. This includes 18 pounds of dry gear, to which 8 pounds of water and 11 pounds of

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