The End is only the Beginning

The past few weeks have been a dream-like for me. I have been present, but not really here. In the end of March, my father passed away due to complications from a pretty routine procedure. It snapped me into the realization as to how fragile life is, but it also changed my perspective on some

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Travel Brews: Ithaca Beer Company

Located in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, and the Southern tip of Cayuga Lake is the town of Ithaca and the home of today's "Travel Brews". While not right in downtown, Ithaca Beer Company is just outside of the downtown area and is home to some really great beer. The Beer Going into this

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The Jet Star

While I was wandering around Kennedy Space Center last year, this early Jet caught my eye. It just screamed starfighter to me, and really grabbed a hold of my imagination. If you could fly into space, anywhere, where would you go? how long would you stay? Space flight has always intrigued me, so getting see

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Ride That Wave

With spring starting to make an appearance here in the Northeast, I am starting to get amped up about warm weather activities, both that I can participate in, and photograph. While I was exploring Delaware Seashore State Park  last summer, I ran into a bunch of skim boarders who were really quite impressive.  For nearly

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January Blues

Some people may hate the winter, others love it, and while I do love warm summer sunshine, and the chance to hike and photograph the outdoors with minimal layers, I still enjoy the spoils of a good winter. January in the northeast often has a pretty awesome yield of snow and Ice, and this winter

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Signs Of Adventure: Jerimoth Hill

As a traveler, we are often compelled to make lists, or complete certain goals. One such list of goals for me is to visit all fifty of the state high points here in the US. Big and small, all the US highpoints have significance. Primarily that significance is that this particular location happens to be

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