The Awesome Travel Camera Buyer’s Guide

The Adventure Travel Camera Buyer's Guide was Updated December 2017 Anyone who travels knows how important it is to capture memories from your trips. Not only for yourself, but to share with family, friends, or anyone who might not have the same opportunity. Capturing memories can be anything from images to written words in a note

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Lowepro Flipside Sport 15L All Weather

This is a pack I have been carrying my camera in for well over a year. It is compact, it is light, and it keeps my photo essentials close by. While it is not designed to carry anything other than camera gear and some water, it is a great pack if you are doing some

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Air Travel with Climbing Gear

There is no doubt that air travel can be a hassle, but combine the equipment needed for traditional rock climbing, and you may be ready to pull your hair out. That is why I put this video together to outline exactly what I travel with when I fly to a climbing destination. The run

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Tremble In Fear

One of the first stops on my cross country trek to Oregon was Columbus, Ohio. While strolling down the streets of Columbus, On my way to photograph the state capitol building, I noticed the statue of William Mckinley in front of the building. I crouched down to notice this menacing perspective of the statue under

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The Path To Heaven

Gateway Arch stands as a testament to our achievements as a nation and our restless desire to explore. Gateway Arch is special to me because it symbolizes westward expansion, and the desire to do so. Expanding my horizons to the West is something that is deeply seeded within, and I continue to venture into the

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A Boat And A Boulder

Daily Photo - A Boat And A Boulder It was an exceptionally nice November day in Pennsylvania, so we knew we had to take an extra long lunch and climb on some local boulders. Here, John is doing some traversing while a Kayaker down in the reservoir is watching. 2011 Patrick Gensel - Creative Commons

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