Pacific Sunset

Daily Photo - Pacific Sunset As I sit here and plan out the itinerary for another cross country trip this summer, I can't help but think of beautiful Pacific sunsets. One such sunset that comes to mind is the one I saw when I was at Ventura beach with my friends Eileen and Kelly. The

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The Village And Its God

Daily Photo - The Village And Its God Mocanaqua is a little town in Northeast, Pa. It holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. first of all, it is near where I grew up, but more importantly, it holds some of the best rock climbing in area. During a summer afternoon,

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The High Council

Daily Photo - The High Council The state capitol building in Austin Texas is an impressive building, both inside and out. When I was in Austin last month, I made it a point to explore the building as thoroughly as I could. When I stumbled upon the house of representatives chamber, I was blown away.

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Up In The Canopy

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Hey, are you looking to spruce up your Facebook profile, but not sure what you want as your cover photo? check out some of the free cover photos I am sharing over at my personal blog. here is the link: Daily Photo - Up In The Canopy During an early winter

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The Lone Star

Daily Photo - The Lone Star They say everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to capitol buildings, that is no lie. The Texas state house in Austin is a large and impressive building both inside and out. While I was visiting Austin a few weeks ago, I took a few hours to

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Look At This Mess You’ve Made

I am looking for some inspiration as to what I should review or teach next on this blog. So if you have any gear, locations or books you would like to see reviewed, or anything you would like to learn about related to travel, or photography, please feel free to email me your suggestions. Patrick

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Primordial Soup

Daily Photo - Primordial Soup This is it folks, this is the very pool where life began... Well, I actually have no evidence to substantiate that claim, but it very well could be true, who knows. Regardless, Yellowstone National Park is full of all kinds of magnificence that makes one question the universe and all it's powers.

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Sundown Over Ventura

Good afternoon my friends. Just a quick reminder that you can get these photos to your inbox by subscribing to the Newsletter, or our RSS feed. It's free and easy to do! Daily Photo: Sundown Over Ventura I had just arrived in Ventura Beach California to visit friends Eileen and Kelly and It was a

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