Soloing Above The Water

We headed out to F.E. Walter Dam yesterday to get on the wall for some deep water soloing. We all know that every year their comes a time when the water level gets too low from dam releases to safely climb, and unfortunately we decided that after this coming weekend, the level will be down

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January Blues

Some people may hate the winter, others love it, and while I do love warm summer sunshine, and the chance to hike and photograph the outdoors with minimal layers, I still enjoy the spoils of a good winter. January in the northeast often has a pretty awesome yield of snow and Ice, and this winter

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Scaling Headstone

Joshua Tree National Park is a seemingly boundless playground for rock climbers and adventurers of all types. Every year (except this year unfortunately) I meet up with a tight knit group of climbers that descend upon Joshua Tree National Park, specifically in Ryan Campground for what has been coined #JtreeTweetup. This little gathering started a

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Waiting In The Crater

Two years ago, I took on the challenge of Mount Rainier, the most glaciated mountain in the lower 48 states. I always wanted to climb that mountain, and my dream was about to be realized. Since not everyone is fortunate enough to achieve their dreams, I decided that I would climb this for charity, thus

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It’s Just You and the Wall

Deep water soloing is one of those fringe activities, that some really enjoy, and many may not even know exists. Deep water soloing is a pretty straight forward. You take the sport of rock climb, replace the rope with some deep water, and voila, you have excitement. While deep water soloing may not pose the

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Reaching The Summit

I know i've shared this photo before, but after a little tweaking and more thinking about it, I had to share it again. It was late August, but you wouldn't know that by looking at menagerie of snow and ice that surrounded me. The temperature was in the high twenties, and the winds, light and

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Denali: a Climber’s Log – Preview

By - Bill Urbanski Summer is right around the corner here at CTS Base Camp in Pennsylvania.  This means hiking in shorts, rock climbing outdoors, and even the occasional simple pleasure of a dip in the backyard pool.  But my mind is elsewhere.  My mind is on snow, glaciers, and mountaineering. For the

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A Boat And A Boulder

Daily Photo - A Boat And A Boulder It was an exceptionally nice November day in Pennsylvania, so we knew we had to take an extra long lunch and climb on some local boulders. Here, John is doing some traversing while a Kayaker down in the reservoir is watching. 2011 Patrick Gensel - Creative Commons

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Perched In High Places

Daily Photo - Perched In High Places Here is another shot I took last November on an unseasonably warm day. I was standing at the edge of the cliff, clipped into an anchor for safety as I watched and photographed my fellow climbers ascend the wall. This guy just finished a route and is setting

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Feel The Move

Daily Photo - Feel The Move Climbing is one of my favorite outdoor activities, so when I get a chance to photograph someone doing it on some awesome looking rock, I don't hesitate. Here Aaron is climbing a route called Gemstone located on some PA rock. This beautiful line is about 160 long. (2011 Creative Commons Noncommercial)

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