Soloing Above The Water

We headed out to F.E. Walter Dam yesterday to get on the wall for some deep water soloing. We all know that every year their comes a time when the water level gets too low from dam releases to safely climb, and unfortunately we decided that after this coming weekend, the level will be down

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The End is only the Beginning

The past few weeks have been a dream-like for me. I have been present, but not really here. In the end of March, my father passed away due to complications from a pretty routine procedure. It snapped me into the realization as to how fragile life is, but it also changed my perspective on some

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Scaling Headstone

Joshua Tree National Park is a seemingly boundless playground for rock climbers and adventurers of all types. Every year (except this year unfortunately) I meet up with a tight knit group of climbers that descend upon Joshua Tree National Park, specifically in Ryan Campground for what has been coined #JtreeTweetup. This little gathering started a

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Lost In Iceland

Every day in Iceland offered up a new an exciting adventure. The sky was never anything short of dramatic due to the constantly changing weather, and the 23 hours of daylight. When we got to the southern part of the country, we saw a glacier flow off in the distance, and since we had a

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Otter Cliff Silhouette

One of my favorite quick trips this Summer was to Coastal Maine. One of my outdoor pursuits is rock climbing, and when I did my homework on Acadia National Park, I found all kinds of fun stuff. In addition to rock climb style hikes like the Precipice and Beehive trails, there is a coastal climbing

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Welcome To Vedauwoo

Vedauwoo is one of those lesser visited climbing areas that many people either over look, or may not even know about. Since it is located only about 2 hours from the Boulder area, I feel a lot of climbers just head there instead. Last week, the Main Wall Collective team and I headed to Vedauwoo

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The Little Subaru That Could

Yesterday we were exploring deep reaching parts of Vedauwoo, Wyoming. The road was rough, and unforgiving but Heather's Subaru pulled through and we made it in and out of our destination. The rest of this week I will be exploring the Denver area some more as well as heading back to Vedauwoo for a video

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Waiting In The Crater

Two years ago, I took on the challenge of Mount Rainier, the most glaciated mountain in the lower 48 states. I always wanted to climb that mountain, and my dream was about to be realized. Since not everyone is fortunate enough to achieve their dreams, I decided that I would climb this for charity, thus

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