Geothermal energy is a powerful force, and for Iceland, a way of life. Last month, while in Iceland, we got to experience the power and beauty of geothermal energy, firsthand. From the soothing hot springs to the abundant geothermal electricity, there is no shortage of this energy sources use. One beautiful and natural example of

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Red Bull Stratos Mission A Success

When I think Red Bull, I immediately think of extreme sports, and that is for good reason. The energy drink company has played a major role in one of a kind extreme sports feats for many years. Today, another one of the projects they sponsored was carried out successfully, after five years of rigorous  training, and careful planning.

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Holiday Energy – Gu Peppermint Stick Gel

The first flavor that comes to many people's minds when they think of this time of year is peppermint - peppermint candy canes, peppermint mocha coffee, etc. But what about your favorite energy gel? That is right. GU peppermint stick flavored energy gel is here for you to help put a little holiday cheer in

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