• Pulpit Rock

Beautiful Views: Preikestolen, Norway

Norway is a beautiful country full of endless fjords and beautiful mountain views, so it's no wonder that one of my picks for "Beautiful Views" comes from this country. Preikestolen, also known as "Pulpit Rock". As you might have guessed, it got it's name due to it's resemblance to a preacher's pulpit. Priekestolen sits 1,981

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Panic and Frostnip: A Winter Hike On Mount Marcy

I gasped for air as I came to, the first thing that came to my mind was “Where the hell am I?” as I heard a familiar voice ripple through the transition between unconscious and conscious: “Dude are you ok?” I replied with a panicked “Someone turn on a goddamned light.” As the lights began

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Signs Of Adventure: Baxter Peak

Even for a day-hiker, reaching this sign is an accomplishment in and of itself, which is occasionally followed by the vertigo of the Knife Edge. For the southbound thru-hiker it is the beginning of the adventure, and it is a significant milepost for a flip-flopper like myself. Most importantly, it is the dramatic and iconic

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Signs Of Adventure: A Blind Hill

While traveling through Iceland last May, we came upon many signs with the Icelandic language on it that we couldn't read, but could easily interpret. This one in the Northwestern Fjords was clearing pointing out a upcoming blindspot. Shortly after snapping the photo, a car drove up over the blind spot that was unable to

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  • Powell Mountain Vista, GA

Mike’s Mountain Musings: 15 Percent Concentrated Power Of Will

"This is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will, 5 percent pleasure and 50 percent pain. . ." The mental side of thru-hiking can make or break the experience. In part, it can be about summoning the will to push a 19 mile day, as I did on May 6

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Signs Of Adventure: Jerimoth Hill

As a traveler, we are often compelled to make lists, or complete certain goals. One such list of goals for me is to visit all fifty of the state high points here in the US. Big and small, all the US highpoints have significance. Primarily that significance is that this particular location happens to be

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Signs Of Adventure: Road To Dimmuborgir

Returning to Scandinavia After some planning and consideration it looks like I'll be heading back to Iceland this year, and in addition, I will be continuing on to Norway to explore a whole new country, and Emalee will be joining me to help build memorable and exciting content for all to enjoy. Tentatively we plan

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Adirondack Blues

Sometimes I like to dive back a few years into the archives and see what I saw through my camera on a particular adventure. This shot comes from a trip in 2011 to New York's highest point, Mount Marcy in the High Peaks region of Adirondack Preserve. The weather was absolutely perfect for this hike,

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Signs of Adventure: The Path to Lake Leigh

Today is a special "Signs of Adventure" for two reasons. First, it is the last one of 2013, and second, this one comes from Ricketts Glen State Park, right near my home town. Emalee and I had decided to brave a recent snowstorm, and head to Ricketts Glen to do some winter hiking. She had

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Signs Of Adventure: Akureyri Backpackers Hostel

While I was exploring Iceland earlier this year, we spent a day in the northern town of Akureyri. I had never stayed in a hostel before, so I was especially excited when we decided to stay at Akureyri Backpackers Hostel. The rooms were cheap (about 30 US dollars a night) and the atmosphere was welcoming.

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