8 Useful Travel Apps

There is no arguing that technology is both a gift and a curse. One one hand it is putting an endless wealth of knowledge at our fingertips nearly 24/7, but on the other hand, it has a unique ability to distance people who are mere inches apart. That being said, there are times when having

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On The Shores Of The Delaware

Paddling is an outdoor pursuit that I can enjoy both alone and with a group. This past weekend, we loaded up our boats and headed for the eastern border of Pennsylvania to paddle a section of the Delaware river. The nice thing about paddling this river is that you can use the shuttle system that is offered

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Keep Paddling

If I am not shooting photos, on a mountain bike, or climbing, then chances are, I am out on the water paddling. Kayaking is one of those activities that really helps me unwind and reach an almost meditative state. This shot was captured late last summer with my GoPro as I paddled sixteen miles down

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This Old Shack

Kayaking for me is a mixture of relaxation and exploration. I love how it allows me to reach places I otherwise might not be able to access. Combine that with a camera, and I am able to return from a day on the water with some pretty interesting captures. While exploring Rehoboth Bay in the

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Paddle Party

This weekend we took to the lake to celebrate a friends birthday party. We grabbed our kayaks and headed down to Lake Jean at Ricketts Glen State Park in Northeast Pennsylvania. The weather was perfect for kayaking! It was warm, there were lofty clounds floating in the sky, and the winds were calm. While waiting

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Lurking In The Boulders

My photography follows my interests in life and greatly reflects the things I do and love. Recently I decided to give kayaking a try and really have found myself enjoying being out on the water. There is so much to explore and exploration is one thing I love to do. I have found many new

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Five Boats On The Shoreline

Boating is one of my new favorite activities, so it makes sense to want to capture this wonderful pastime in a photograph. I was recently wandering around the lake at Francis Slocum State Park near Dallas, PA and notices these five kayaks neatly lined up on the shoreline.

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We All Float On

I drove across the West Nanticoke bridge and noticed a group of kayakers paddling in my direction so I pulled off the road and hiked back to the bridge to see if I could get a cool perspective. I fired off a few shots as they drifted nearer. As they began to pass under the

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A Boat And A Boulder

Daily Photo - A Boat And A Boulder It was an exceptionally nice November day in Pennsylvania, so we knew we had to take an extra long lunch and climb on some local boulders. Here, John is doing some traversing while a Kayaker down in the reservoir is watching. 2011 Patrick Gensel - Creative Commons

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Easy Rider

So I have to apologize for missing a few days of photos while I have been traveling. I promise I won't let it happen again. It's crazy how you can be so consistent with something when it is part of your daily routine, but as soon as you break that routine, you forget about things.

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