Six Shots: The American Southwest

The American Southwest offers a beautiful array of locations from the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the ancient pueblos of Mesa Verde National Park. One of the biggest Allures to this area for me is the beautiful color palette of red, oranges, and yellows. Nine days roaming about this vast desert landscape was just not

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Sunset Over Mesa Verde

While wandering around the Southwest last year, Mesa Verde National Park jumped on my radar. I had just finished up a few days in Moab and was looking for a new place to camp and explore. Looking through my maps, I realized that I was only about two hours from Mesa Verde, and seeing as

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Signs of Adventure: AMC Lions Head Trail

This Signs of Adventure comes from deep within my photo collection. In January of 2010, along with my Friend John, we made our first winter attempt on the summit of New Hampshire's Mount Washington. While this mountain isn't particularly tall or technically by mountaineering standards, it does offer some pretty epically awful winter conditions. This

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The Desert Fortress

The canyons of the American west offer many variations of color and shape and can propel the imagination into overdrive. While I was touring the western states early this year, I got to see a variety of the different desert scenery from the Grand Canyon to narrow slot canyons and the sheer walls of Zion,

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Sunrise On The Coast

As a young pup, I went to the Rehobeth Beach area every year with my family to camp, but as I got older and started doing my own thing, I hadn't gone in years. I decided recently I need a quick weekend away that didn't involve mountains or climbing things, so I opted for a

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Pearl of the Stars

I have been on quite the astrophotography kick as of late, and today's photo is no exception. Since I am heading to Joshua Tree National Park in a few week, and I will be camping, I wanted to make sure I had the skills I needed to properly created a photo of a lit up

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Lost Fall

Fall colors are in full swing here in Northeast PA, one of my absolute favorite seasons of the year. The colors are just so motivating. This tree at the end of my road provide quite a display of vibrant yellows that just begged to be photographed.

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All Beginnings Have Ends

Fall is absolutely, positively, my favorite season of the year. So many of my favorite colors are on display, the temperature is beginning to change and jackets and hats are quickly becoming the norm(I love jackets and hats :-D) One of my favorite things to do during this beautiful season of change is hike with my

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Five Boats On The Shoreline

Boating is one of my new favorite activities, so it makes sense to want to capture this wonderful pastime in a photograph. I was recently wandering around the lake at Francis Slocum State Park near Dallas, PA and notices these five kayaks neatly lined up on the shoreline.

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We All Float On

I drove across the West Nanticoke bridge and noticed a group of kayakers paddling in my direction so I pulled off the road and hiked back to the bridge to see if I could get a cool perspective. I fired off a few shots as they drifted nearer. As they began to pass under the

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