Soloing Above The Water

We headed out to F.E. Walter Dam yesterday to get on the wall for some deep water soloing. We all know that every year their comes a time when the water level gets too low from dam releases to safely climb, and unfortunately we decided that after this coming weekend, the level will be down

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On The Shores Of The Delaware

Paddling is an outdoor pursuit that I can enjoy both alone and with a group. This past weekend, we loaded up our boats and headed for the eastern border of Pennsylvania to paddle a section of the Delaware river. The nice thing about paddling this river is that you can use the shuttle system that is offered

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Capturing Capitols: Photographing The 50 US Statehouses

I've done a lot of traveling within the United States over the past few years, traveling from one big city to the next, capturing different sights with my camera. Back in 2012 while covering the Presidential primaries in New Hampshire, I made a side trip to the capitol building in Manchester. My friend Bill, who happened

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January Blues

Some people may hate the winter, others love it, and while I do love warm summer sunshine, and the chance to hike and photograph the outdoors with minimal layers, I still enjoy the spoils of a good winter. January in the northeast often has a pretty awesome yield of snow and Ice, and this winter

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Fall Finale

I took this photo about a year ago, and figured this Autumn is coming to a close, it might be a nice time to share it. Fall in the northeast is one of my favorite times of  the year. There are so many things going on, so much change, and lots of pumpkin stuff!

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It’s Just You and the Wall

Deep water soloing is one of those fringe activities, that some really enjoy, and many may not even know exists. Deep water soloing is a pretty straight forward. You take the sport of rock climb, replace the rope with some deep water, and voila, you have excitement. While deep water soloing may not pose the

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Preparing for Iceland

So I finally have decided to go to Iceland. I'm not sure what inspired me to go there initially, but I know I have wanted to for a while and well, now I get to go! Well, not right now, but in May. Why exactly should anyone go to Iceland, you might ask? Well I

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Walking in a Frozen Land

Walking in a Frozen Land It was a chilly New Year day in Northeast Pennsylvania, and we were geared up for a winter hike. Ricketts Glen State Park is one of those special places in Pennsylvania that I try and make it to at least once or twice a winter to take in the splendor

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I’ve Been a Little Busy

2013 has roared in like a lion in terms of me being quite the busy man. Mostly good busy though. I have been working quite intently with my good friend Jason on a ski film project tentatively titled  "Heaven's Rejects". It is a short film about the work that goes into running a ski resort

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