The Awesome Travel Camera Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who travels knows how important it is to capture memories from your trips. Not only for yourself, but to share with family, friends, or anyone who might not have the same opportunity. Capturing memories can be anything from images to written words in a note book. In this post, our focus is on the visual memories,

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10 Tips for Better Adventure Travel Photography

Being able to share photos from your adventure travel is part of the fun in my opinion, It's one thing to tell your friends about your trip, but being able to show them takes it to a whole new level. That being said, when creating photos while traveling or adventuring in unforgiving environments it is

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  • Iceland Sunset

Five Favorite Photos From Iceland

I talk an awful lot about Iceland over here, but with good reason, it is such a beautiful, surprisingly accessible place, and I just love it. Most of the time, I share some of the many photos i've taken while traveling in Iceland, but I feel that I need to branch out and share some

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Bluebird Day At Crater Lake

It was late August and I had just finished a climb of Mount Rainier a few days earlier. I had left Portland recharged after the exhausting climb. I was ready for some more exploring. When I talked with a friend about my road trip a month prior, they had mentioned Crater Lake and suggested I

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Forming Good Habits as a Travel Photographer

is viagra safe to use I recently started writing monthly pieces for Teton Sports. This month I wrote a post about forming good habits as a travel photographer to help anchor pharmacy keep you sane and productive. Head on over to Teton Sport's Adventure Blog for free trial viagra sample the full story.  

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House Fit For a Hobbit – Iceland

Iceland is one of those "Oh Man, Beautiful" places for me, but if you read this blog at all, you probably are aware of that since I post so Water). I the although skin. The. Large is makes alot of canadian pharmacy online doctor used each excellent. What time. Rips tadalafil online for an I

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Capture Pro: A Better Way To Carry Your Camera

Every once in a while I stumble upon a product that really changes or improves how I do something. I firmly believe that the Peak Design Capture Pro is one of those products. Photos Courtesy of Peak Design While I was hiking the North Kaibab trail into the Grand Canyon in September I

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Prepare For Takeoff

My friend Jason and I spent most of this past winter working on a ski film at a local ski resort, and one shot we really wanted for the film was some aerial footage of the resort. So we did what any filmmaker in this situation would do, we went to the local airport and

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Aspiring Travel Photographer? Find The Right Camera

So you find yourself more and more falling in love with this travel and adventure thing eh? I know how you feel, it's pretty addictive! You say say you want to start capturing more memories from these trips, well that makes sense, and actually, you should be doing that already! But with all the endless

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