GoPro Hero3: The Sports Camera You Dream About

This one caught me as a bit of a surprise. GoPro, the leader in cameras for extreme sports just announced the third incarnation of their wildly popular HERO camera, simply called the HERO3. The specs for this thing is off the chart. Boasting features like built in wifi, an f/2.8 6-element lens, better low light

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Pearl of the Stars

I have been on quite the astrophotography kick as of late, and today's photo is no exception. Since I am heading to Joshua Tree National Park in a few week, and I will be camping, I wanted to make sure I had the skills I needed to properly created a photo of a lit up

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There’s Beauty In The Night Sky

While shooting a six hour sequence for a time lapse project, something lit up the trees for a two minute period, causing the undersides of the trees to be exposed along with the night sky. I have no clue what caused it since I was probably fast asleep, but it was one of those magic

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She Walks Her Own Way, and No One Can Stop That

Last weekend I hosted the first ever Scranton Photo Walk. The turn out was incredible and I can't thank everyone who attend enough. After the even winded down and the sun started to set I really began to focus on one of my favorite challenges, low light photography. Here, my new friend, Brooke looks towards

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Lurking In The Boulders

My photography follows my interests in life and greatly reflects the things I do and love. Recently I decided to give kayaking a try and really have found myself enjoying being out on the water. There is so much to explore and exploration is one thing I love to do. I have found many new

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Tremble In Fear

One of the first stops on my cross country trek to Oregon was Columbus, Ohio. While strolling down the streets of Columbus, On my way to photograph the state capitol building, I noticed the statue of William Mckinley in front of the building. I crouched down to notice this menacing perspective of the statue under

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The Writings On The Wall

I love a good abandoned building, and I love exploring. Combine those two things with photography, and I am borderline euphoric. Recently my friend Adrienne and I did some abandoned building exploration of our own. Now I had been to these buildings many times before, they are structures from an old coal mining village, but

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Crossing To The West… Again!

Count Down! T-Minus 14 days and counting until I embark on yet another cross country adventure. This time, I will be heading first to my very own state capitol in Harrisburg, PA to add another photograph to my state capitol project, then I will be heading west, hopefully grabbing a few state capitol buildings along

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Feel The Move

Daily Photo - Feel The Move Climbing is one of my favorite outdoor activities, so when I get a chance to photograph someone doing it on some awesome looking rock, I don't hesitate. Here Aaron is climbing a route called Gemstone located on some PA rock. This beautiful line is about 160 long. (2011 Creative Commons Noncommercial)

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Traveling Solo – The Sleep Deprived Traveler

As some of you may or may not know, last year I decided to do a little nomading (I made that word up). My plan was to travel across the US of A via the four wheel method. I departed Northeast Pennsylvania on July 29th 2011 with my frequent travel pal Bill and we were

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