From The Top Of Independence

I am looking forward to seeing the mailman today, I have two new photography toys coming my way. Another External flash, and most importantly, I finally ordered a copy of Lightroom 4. Looking forward to that, I am sure I will be sharing my thoughts on that software over at soon. So check it

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Sunrise At Columbia Crest

Daily Photo - Sunrise At Columbia Crest After hours and hours of marching up the glaciated slopes of Mount Rainier, we had arrived at the crater rim. In total darkness we now sat within the caldera of an active stratovolcano. Still glowing with the excitement of a kid on Christmas, I through my down jacket

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The Village And Its God

Daily Photo - The Village And Its God Mocanaqua is a little town in Northeast, Pa. It holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons. first of all, it is near where I grew up, but more importantly, it holds some of the best rock climbing in area. During a summer afternoon,

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Alone In The Mist

Well, I have been quite neglectful of you folks, and for that I apologize. Daily Photo - Alone In The Mist The winter was quickly coming to a close, so a small group of friends and I decided to head up to Ricketts Glen State Park in Northeast PA, to see if we could find

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A Portrait Of Sourthern Utah

Daily Photo - A Portrait Of Southern Utah During a hot August afternoon, We drove around Arches National Park in South-eastern Utah. The afternoon sun was burning fiercely, but we continued to take in the wonders of the park. After stopping off at Delicate Arch, we made our way back to Panorama Point. We stopped

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The Man In The Rock

Daily Photo - The Man In The Rock Bill and I were on our way out of Moab and heading toward the Ice Cream Parlor wall for a day of climbing. The Ice Cream Parlor wall sits a few miles down a desolate canyon along a dirt road, so the drive out took a bit

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A Rose From Castro

Prints Prints! Just a heads up! all of my work is available as a framed print. Framed prints are currently $30. If you want a chance to win one, head over to and like the page. I'll be giving away a signed, numbered, and framed print once we hit 250 likes. If you can't

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Our Home In The Forest

Hey folks! be sure to keep your eyes tuned in here everyday! we are working on getting you a contest with great prizes and a lot of fun in the next few weeks, so don't miss it. Daily Photo - Our Home In The Forest When I had arrived in Ashford Washington, and Rainier base

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Death Star X2

Daily Photo - Death Star X2 I snagged up this interesting photograph while attending a photo walk on the UT campus at Austin. I came down a set of stairs to find a pair of rusty steel balls. I set my camera up and shot three exposures to help with the contrasty light. (Many of

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Desert Solitare

Daily Photo - Desert Solitare It was early August and the heat was blazing. We had just finished an emergency pit stop for new front tires on my Grand Vitara. We were east bound, headed for Moab and a few days of climbing and camping fun. This was my first time in the beautiful area

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