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I am looking for some inspiration as to what I should review or teach next on this blog. So if you have any gear, locations or books you would like to see reviewed, or anything you would like to learn about related to travel, or photography, please feel free to email me your suggestions. Patrick

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Crossing The Mississippi To Freedom

Hey folks, happy Monday! don't forget to check out our free panorama tutorial, I swear it's good clean fun! Daily Photo - Crossing The Mississippi To Freedom We had been driving since Columbus Ohio, stopping only for gas and an impromptu climbing session in Indiana. Gateway Arch came into view, and I immediately knew where

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Diner Dash

Daily Photo - Diner Dash We had just finished an afternoon of photo walking in Ventura and Eileen, Kelly and I were quite hungry.(especially Kelly after his epic bike crash!) As we walked along the downtown strip of Ventura, I couldn't help but notice colorful signs. This old fashioned diner sign especially caught my attention.

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Half Dome Fog

Daily Photo - Half Dome Fog After nearly five days of rain, we crawled out of our tents and wrung out our wet bones. The sky opened up to show off it's brilliant blues, and most of the beautiful features that Yosemite is known for became visible from base to summit. With coffee in our

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Of All The Purple Skies

Well i've made it back to the Northeast after a week in Texas. I had a great time, took a lot of great photos, mostly neglected you guys(sorry about that) but I am back, and it is time for more photos. Daily Photo - Of All The Purple Skies After landing in Detroit Metro on

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The Republic Of Texas

Usually I like to sit on my photos for a few weeks to really make sure I like how I processed them, but I was so excited to share this one, that I decided to push it out now. Daily Photo - The Republic Of Texas One of my newer personal long term photo projects

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Half Arch

So as I have mentioned before, I am heading down to Austin Texas tomorrow, I am pretty much all set, and hav everything packed. Typically I pack what I need a few days in advance so I don't forget anything important, but I have a friend who likes to do EVERYTHING only a few hours

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I Feel Quite Contrasty Today

Daily Photo - I Feel Quite Contrasty Today I woke up from a chilly December nights sleep in the woods of Northeast PA. I struggled to crawl out of my toasty zero degree sleeping bag, but I had coffee and breakfast on my mind, so I forced myself out of my cocoon. The temperature was

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The Stairs To Delicate Arch

Daily Photo - The Stairs To Delicate Arch After an emergency tire replacement in Richfield, Utah and 250 dollars spent, we arrived in Moab. With our stomachs full of local food and beer, My friend Bill and I hunkered down for a windy night in the desert. The next day It was 97 degrees and

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