Soloing Above The Water

We headed out to F.E. Walter Dam yesterday to get on the wall for some deep water soloing. We all know that every year their comes a time when the water level gets too low from dam releases to safely climb, and unfortunately we decided that after this coming weekend, the level will be down

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Morning Curves

Travel Update The countdown begins! In less than four weeks, Emalee and I will begin our trek across the pond to Iceland and Norway. The plan is to spend three days in Iceland followed by eleven days in Norway. I am super excited about Norway since I have not made it there yet, but am

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Stand By Your Van

One thing i've wanted for a long time is a Volkswagen Van of some sort. To me, they symbolized freedom on the open road, and the ability to live life of ones own terms. To me, that life was, and still is more appealing than living in a huge house, with nice cars and a

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The Guiding Light

I find something mysterious and alluring about the old lighthouses along the New England coast. One of the more accessible ones, the Portland Head Light is located about an hour north of Boston near Portland, Maine. The light serves as a beacon for ships heading into Portland Harbor. Back in April, after a day of

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Otter Cliff Silhouette

One of my favorite quick trips this Summer was to Coastal Maine. One of my outdoor pursuits is rock climbing, and when I did my homework on Acadia National Park, I found all kinds of fun stuff. In addition to rock climb style hikes like the Precipice and Beehive trails, there is a coastal climbing

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Sunrise On The Coast

As a young pup, I went to the Rehobeth Beach area every year with my family to camp, but as I got older and started doing my own thing, I hadn't gone in years. I decided recently I need a quick weekend away that didn't involve mountains or climbing things, so I opted for a

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All Beginnings Have Ends

Fall is absolutely, positively, my favorite season of the year. So many of my favorite colors are on display, the temperature is beginning to change and jackets and hats are quickly becoming the norm(I love jackets and hats :-D) One of my favorite things to do during this beautiful season of change is hike with my

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Lurking In The Boulders

My photography follows my interests in life and greatly reflects the things I do and love. Recently I decided to give kayaking a try and really have found myself enjoying being out on the water. There is so much to explore and exploration is one thing I love to do. I have found many new

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Five Boats On The Shoreline

Boating is one of my new favorite activities, so it makes sense to want to capture this wonderful pastime in a photograph. I was recently wandering around the lake at Francis Slocum State Park near Dallas, PA and notices these five kayaks neatly lined up on the shoreline.

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Lone Tree In A Field Of Boulders

I hopped from boulder to boulder looking for the angle that showcased the grandeur of this field of boulders and the loneliness of this single tree growing from the field. I crouched down and lined up the tree where I wanted it and fired off some frames. I sat back and took in this beautiful

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