10 Tips for Better Adventure Travel Photography

Being able to share photos from your adventure travel is part of the fun in my opinion, It's one thing to tell your friends about your trip, but being able to show them takes it to a whole new level. That being said, when creating photos while traveling or adventuring in unforgiving environments it is

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Accidental Exploration: Breathing Life into Work Travel

Those of us lucky enough to spend quality time on the road, know life isn’t as fun sleeping in crummy hotel rooms and eating equally crummy fast food. But I say, having been traveling quite often for work, spending weeks away from home. You have to look beyond the confines of your hotel room and

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Air Travel with Climbing Gear

There is no doubt that air travel can be a hassle, but combine the equipment needed for traditional rock climbing, and you may be ready to pull your hair out. That is why I put this video together to outline exactly what I travel with when I fly to a climbing destination. http://youtu.be/nf2Dwnx_D6Y The run

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A Primer For Shooting The Night Sky

On a clear dark night, far from artificial light, billions of stars dot the sky. These celestial bodies can be so magnificent, the human eye strains to absorb the composite of their tableau. Capturing such a beautiful display with a camera can be both rewarding and fun, and surprisingly, is easier than you may think.

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Sitar Man

If you missed yesterday's post, check it out. I talk about staying awake during long solo road trips! Good stuff! Check it here. Daily Photo - Sitar Man While I was exploring Seattle last year, I made sure to spend some time at Pike Place. While crossing a street near the original Starbucks I spotted

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Traveling Solo – The Sleep Deprived Traveler

As some of you may or may not know, last year I decided to do a little nomading (I made that word up). My plan was to travel across the US of A via the four wheel method. I departed Northeast Pennsylvania on July 29th 2011 with my frequent travel pal Bill and we were

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How To Create Stunning Panoramas Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Creating a beautiful panoramic photo can be a rewarding and exciting experience, but how does one shoot a panorama and how do you stitch together each of those individual shots? Well if you are using a newer version of Photoshop, it may be much easier than you think. This post will walk you through the

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