Signs Of Adventure: Grand Teton National Park

Often overshadowed by the more well-known Yellowstone National Park to the north, Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park offer's some of the West's most impressive mountain views, hikes and other scenery. Honestly, I personally believe this sleeper hit has just as much, if not more to offer visitors than Yellowstone. In 2011, A few friends and

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Mike’s Mountain Musings: Transformations and Warnings

The most obvious transformation after 4 weeks on the trail is that I have lost more than 10 extraneous pounds. The more profound transformations have come through highly-tuned senses. The feeling through the bottom of your boot that the muddy trail is about to give way, and you had better slow it down or risk

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The Best of Busking: 3 Top Destinations for Street Performers in the United States

By Rebecca Johnson A life of travelling can be highly appealing, but few of us have the accommodations (or deep enough pockets) to travel year-round. However, financial limitations and standard accommodations aren’t needed for everyone while travelling throughout the United States. A rare few are bold, resourceful, and talented enough to pick up the lifestyle

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Signs Of Adventure: Great Smoky Mountains

Northern GA and southern NC are a relatively solitary experience for the thru-hiker. This sign at mile 167 of the trail marks entrance into the busiest trail corridor, with over 7 million yearly visitors. After depositing their permits, thru-hikers also share the trail with the occasional horseback rider, and the several hundred black bears who

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Signs Of Adventure: A Blind Hill

While traveling through Iceland last May, we came upon many signs with the Icelandic language on it that we couldn't read, but could easily interpret. This one in the Northwestern Fjords was clearing pointing out a upcoming blindspot. Shortly after snapping the photo, a car drove up over the blind spot that was unable to

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  • Powell Mountain Vista, GA

Mike’s Mountain Musings: 15 Percent Concentrated Power Of Will

"This is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will, 5 percent pleasure and 50 percent pain. . ." The mental side of thru-hiking can make or break the experience. In part, it can be about summoning the will to push a 19 mile day, as I did on May 6

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Mike’s Mountain Musings: Some Conventional and Unconventional Gear Wisdom

One can find dozens of AT equipment lists on the Internet. Rather than provide another one here, I will offer some wisdom on what to take and what to leave behind. A photo of my unpacked gear follows. This includes 18 pounds of dry gear, to which 8 pounds of water and 11 pounds of

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Signs Of Adventure: Mount Sunflower

One of my favorite things to do while traveling, is find a way to loop high points into my trip. On a trip two years ago, I managed to visit the highest point in the State of Kansas, Mount Sunflower. While not that impressive looking, it is a high point none the less. Here I

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Mike’s Mountain Musings: The Most Important Gear On The Appalachian Trail

  By way of introduction, I am a history professor (the photo above shows me atop the walls of Istanbul earlier this year) who will set aside his books for the next five to six months to hike the 2,184 mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail, more commonly known as the Appalachian Trail, or AT for

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Signs Of Adventure: Crater Lake National Park

Today's Signs Of Adventure takes me back to my 2012 trip to Oregon to climb Mount Hood. While we never got onto the mountain due to terrible conditions, we did get to visit Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is the only national park in Oregon, and one of my favorite parks in the Country.

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