Teton Sports Trailhead +20 Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Every adventurer knows that having a comfortable sleeping bag goes a long way in improving sleep as well as the overall outdoor experience. For me, in addition to being warm and comfortable, there are few things that are important when considering a new sleeping bag. Things like how well it packs down, how much it weighs, does the zipper open and close smoothly, and so on. While some of these bullet points have more weight than others, it is important to consider each of them carefully when buying a new sleeping bag.

I recently got a chance to try out the Teton Sports Trailhead +20 Ultralight Sleeping Bag while over the past two months in places like Iceland, Norway, and the mountains of Virginia and I liked to share what I’ve found out about this sleeping bag in regard to each of those important factors I just mentioned.


Usually in a sleeping bag of this type, I find a nylon or similar material lining the sleeping bag, but in the Trailhead +20, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very soft material, similar to micro fleece, lining the bag. This made the inside of the sleeping bag less slippery, and I felt more like I was under a soft blanket at home rather than in a sleeping bag.

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Look and Construction

While remaining simple, the yellow and grey panels of the Trailhead +20 are bright and cheery and the construction seems to be top notch. After nearly 3 months of being thrown around, slept in, and unpacked, and repacked, the Trailhead shows no sign of wear. While the water resistant 75D 2MM diamond ripstop shell won’t keep you dry in a monsoon, it does do a great job at keeping everyday moisture from penetrating the sleeping bag and making things damp.

One big pet peeve of mine that I have experienced on a few other lower temp sleeping bags is the constant snagging of the zipper on the draft tube. With this bag, so far I haven’t experienced that. There is nothing more annoying than crawling in your bag on a cold night and having to wrestle with the zipper just to close up the bag.

Photo Nov 03, 8 35 53 PM

Weight and Packability

At 2.9 pounds, this isn’t the lightest bag on the market, but that’s not to take away from its overall pack-ability and portability. When stuffed in it’s bag, the Trailhead +20 measures roughly 14.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″.

Photo Nov 03, 8 34 25 PM

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, I used this bag extensively in Iceland and Norway this summer. There were several nights were the temps were in the low 30’s and I was able to maintain a consistent level of warmth and comfort. While this may not be the highest end bag in it’s class, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked for those looking for a packable bag for a very reasonable price. This bag is currently available over at Amazon for about 70$, a bargain by sleeping bag standards.

Photo Nov 03, 8 36 44 PM

Disclosure: I reached out to Teton Sports earlier this year to acquire gear for testing in Iceland and Norway. They were kind enough to provide me with this bag in exchange for real world feedback regarding their product. No review was expected, but since I felt the bag was a quality product, I wrote this review.

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  1. Megan May 10, 2016 at 10:05 pm - Reply

    would this compress down further using a compression sack? looks like it only comes with a stuff sack

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