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It was chilly November night when Emalee and I got on that ferry at the Toronto docks bound for Ward’s Island, but we had a mission, and that was to get a view of this beautiful skyline. The ferry ride across Toronto’s Inner Harbour was short but frigid. Even inside the closed ferry, we shivered as we waited to arrive at Ward’s Island. Once we arrived we quickly departed the ferry and began our hunt for the perfect vantage point of the Toronto skyline. We knew we only had an hour before the last ferry right of the night departed back to Toronto proper, and spending a night in the cold on this island would not be pleasant.

We crossed a bridge onto Algonquin island where the foot path was lined with tiny cottages that ran all the way to the water. Guiding us in to the perfect view we were looking for. It was there on the edge of the water that I set up my tripod and began to immortalize this cold November night.

Getting The Shot

Like I mentioned above, this shot was taken from Algonquin Island, which can be reached by taking a cheap ferry ride from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal in Toronto over to Ward’s Island, then taking a few minute walk from there to Algonquin Island. I took this shot using a 16mm wide angle on a tripod and exposed the shot for 1.6 seconds at f/10. Minor adjustments were made in Lightroom to clean up the resulting image.

Camera | Canon 6D
Lens | Tokina 11-16 @ 16mm
Aperture | f/10
Exposure | 1.6 Seconds
Capture Date | November 8th 2013
Capture Time | 10:36 PM