Mice Rule!

Daily Photo - Mice Rule! On a recent trip to New Hampshire, I thought I wasn't going to be able to escape the barrage of political banter and signage that flooded the streets of Manchester, it was after all, the week of the 2012 primary. That was, until I wandered down this unsuspecting alley. Cats

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On A Long And Lonesome Highway

Daily Photo - On A Long And Lonesome Highway After an epic and enjoyable summit of Mount Rainier and a restful night in Portland, Oregon, I continued my 5 week pilgrimage south. This time I departed for the day with an unexpected goal in mind, that goal was Oregon's Crater Lake National Park. The deeper

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Glacial Playground: A Photographic Climb Of Mount Rainier

To me, one of the most fascinating mountains in the world is Rainier. Stretching 14,410 above the Pacific, Rainier is a icon of the Pacific Northwest. It's volcanic legacy provides proof that our world is continually changing. It is a life goal for some, and a training ground for others. I craved Rainier for many years, and subsequently attained it's coveted Columbia Crest in August of this year. I have provided a few of my favorite shots from this beauty of a mountain. Enjoy!

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Gearhead: Lowepro Photosport 200 AW


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Photo Friday: David works a 5.9 at Paradise

This is a photo I took a few weeks ago at Paradise In Northeast PA. I shot it using a canon 60d. I rigged a single fixed line to get the desired angle. David was climbing an unnamed 5.9 face climb.

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Enjoying The Weather

John taking a rest above Tuckermans Ravine "Enjoying The Weather" Photo by Patrick Gensel Taken on Mount Washington in New Hampshire on January 23rd 2010 Photographed using a Canon Rebel XS

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