Episode 6: The Ohio Konvention

Patrick is joined by mountaineer and US Highpointer Bill Urbanski. Bill will be hosting the 2011 Highpointers Convention in Bellfontaine, Ohio July 14th through the 16th. Bill and I also discuss my road trip in August that involves the Outdoor Retailer trade show, climbing Mount Rainier, and much more.

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Episode 5: The Most Epic Trip

This time, on just another outdoors show, Gina and Stehphen tell us about their 5 month climbing epic they like to call 'The Most Epic Trip'. Jason tells us all about the latest and greatest on his site, outdoorinformer.com, including a Justin Bieber sighting. All this and more, don't miss it!

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Episode 4: Jason’s Cocktail Hour

Costa Rica Outward Bound Social Media Coordinator Britten Ferguson talks about the program and life in Costa Rica, What does it take to spend expended time in the outdoors world and why do more people not do it in our culture, Fitz Cahall's(The Dirtbag Diaries) latest Project: The Love Letter, and more. Hosts: Patrick Gensel, Britten Ferguson, James Garner, and Jason Elliot

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Episode 3: James Is Missing!

The group discusses what they do to prep for summer outdoor fun. Devin Montgomery tells us all about his innovative Backcountry Boiler design. Amy shares a great tool for photographers on the trail: The Stick Pic. Thom brings another photo gadget to the table with the Joby Gorilla pod. Jason talks about what might be the most full featured handheld GPS ever, The Magellan eXplorist 710. Patrick takes a look at the Mammut Togir Light climbing harness. Hosted by: Patrick Gensel, Jason Elliot, Amy Jurries, Devin Montgomery, and Thom Reeder.

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Episode 2: Invisible and more!

Jill talks about her Geargals post “Invisible around men”, The group weighs on America’s Great Outdoors Initiative and what it means, Patrick recaps his write-up on Jeff Lowe’s upcoming Metanoia Documentarty, Katie gives us a quick preview of her Interview with heli ski guide Theo Meiners and more. Hosted by: Patrick Gensel, Jill Missal, Josh Turner, Katie Levy, and Kristy Graves.

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Episode 1: Josh The Guinea Pig Farmer

The latest in visually appealing woman's technical gear straight from the Outdoor Retailer show floor, Bass Pro Shops raising some environmental concerns, Gear To Grow doing great things to help supply some of the industries biggest Non-Profits with proper equipment, Some of our favorite gear from Winter OR, and more. Hosted by: Patrick Gensel, Josh Turner, Sara Lingafelter, and Kristy Graves

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