Stranded On The Shores Of Lake Powell

With each press of the gas I could feel the front end of the car sink deeper into the sand. Laughing, I thought to myself “This is just part of the adventure, right? I’ll remember this part of my trip forever, right?” I got out of the car, got eye level with the front bumper

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Finally, The GoPro Footage from Red Bull Stratos

If you remember, on October 14th, 2012, Austrian sky diver Felix Baumgartner stepped out of his capsule suspended 24 miles above the surface of the earth to embark on a historic freefall that would take him beyond the speed of sound to 843.6 miles, making him the first human being to surpass the speed of

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Welcome To Vedauwoo

Vedauwoo is one of those lesser visited climbing areas that many people either over look, or may not even know about. Since it is located only about 2 hours from the Boulder area, I feel a lot of climbers just head there instead. Last week, the Main Wall Collective team and I headed to Vedauwoo

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30 before 30: Bike Across A State

About a month ago, it occurred to me that I am quickly nearing my thirtieth birthday, and so I decided that I needed to accomplish a number of things before December, 18th 2014, Thirty things to be exact. So I started to currate a list of the things I want to accomplish before then. Though

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Planning My Assault On Utah

As I gear up for any trip, my plans seem to fall together organically. I start out with the big picture, and everything else seems to fall in place. My upcoming late September trip to Utah is no exception. When I started thinking about where I wanted to head next, the only thing I really

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Mapping The Contours – A Journey By Bicycle

Everyone has something they are passionate about, be it travel or climbing, or painting. For one man, biking is that passion, the thing that drives his spirit. Recently, he decided to do something that had been burning inside him for a long, time, that was to ride his bike to Pittsburgh, PA from Hazleton, PA,

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Paddle Party

This weekend we took to the lake to celebrate a friends birthday party. We grabbed our kayaks and headed down to Lake Jean at Ricketts Glen State Park in Northeast Pennsylvania. The weather was perfect for kayaking! It was warm, there were lofty clounds floating in the sky, and the winds were calm. While waiting

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The Swiss Machine Flies

If you are someone who likes to spend your free time in the mountains, or at least thinking about mountains, then I probably don't have to tell you who Ueli Steck is. The is breaking alpinism records left and right, and is rightfully called "The Swiss Machine" He has climbed the Eiger in Switzerland in under three

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I’ve Been a Little Busy

2013 has roared in like a lion in terms of me being quite the busy man. Mostly good busy though. I have been working quite intently with my good friend Jason on a ski film project tentatively titled  "Heaven's Rejects". It is a short film about the work that goes into running a ski resort

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Seeking Safety Within

Centralia, the definition of modern ghost town, sits mostly abandoned and decaying in the coal mining region of Pennsylvania. Thanks to a fire that sparked nearly fifty years in the coal veins below this once quint little town. Analysts suspect the fire to burn for the next thousand years or so due to the abundance

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