Capturing Capitols: Photographing The 50 US Statehouses

I've done a lot of traveling within the United States over the past few years, traveling from one big city to the next, capturing different sights with my camera. Back in 2012 while covering the Presidential primaries in New Hampshire, I made a side trip to the capitol building in Manchester. My friend Bill, who happened

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Mike’s Mountain Musings: The Most Important Gear On The Appalachian Trail

  By way of introduction, I am a history professor (the photo above shows me atop the walls of Istanbul earlier this year) who will set aside his books for the next five to six months to hike the 2,184 mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail, more commonly known as the Appalachian Trail, or AT for

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Columbia Lode Hauler 100

As an adventure traveler, I often find myself looking for an easier way to transport my gear around the country and world. Ideally for me, my perfect bag is big enough to carry my adventure essentials, has some additional pockets for smaller items, Is durable enough to stand the rigors of air travel, but also

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Finally, The GoPro Footage from Red Bull Stratos

If you remember, on October 14th, 2012, Austrian sky diver Felix Baumgartner stepped out of his capsule suspended 24 miles above the surface of the earth to embark on a historic freefall that would take him beyond the speed of sound to 843.6 miles, making him the first human being to surpass the speed of

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Fellow Climber And Beard Enthusiast’s Climb For Change

Photo courtesy of Landon B Faulkner. Fellow adventure junkie and advocate of beards, Landon Faulkner and his cousin, Andrew Faulker are going to climb the two tallest peaks in Lassen Volcanic National Park in Northern California, but they won’t be doing it just for their own enjoyment, no, they will be climbing to

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Mountain Hardwear Men’s Monkey Man Grid™ Jacket

I often find myself gravitating to a certain piece of clothing, then wearing it until it falls apart, This lightweight fleece zip up by Mountain Hardwear is quickly becoming that piece of clothing for me. For those of us spend a lot of time playing outdoors, or living out of a backpack, having lightweight, yet

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Trying stuff makes us grow

As I reflect on my recent trip to Utah with people I never met before and all of the travel I’ve done, I can't help but think about how trying stuff has affected my life now, in the past, and in the future. I was asked many times what trying stuff meant to me, and

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The Sled Dog

Those of you who have known me for a while know that I keep a list in my Google drive of all the things I want to do in my life. Like any good list, it continues to grow. While in Utah last week on a trip with Columbia Sportswear, I got to cross one

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Capture Pro: A Better Way To Carry Your Camera

Every once in a while I stumble upon a product that really changes or improves how I do something. I firmly believe that the Peak Design Capture Pro is one of those products. Photos Courtesy of Peak Design While I was hiking the North Kaibab trail into the Grand Canyon in September I

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Six Rules for 2014

Each year, many of us take the last few days of the year to reflect on what we have accomplished, where we missed the mark, and what we would like to achieve in the next year. Resolutions, promises, goals, call them what you will. I simply call mine: "Six Rules for 2014". Nothing too crazy,

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