Coffee For The Adventurous

Coffee, that mystical bean teaming with encapsulated energy. For centuries, folks have been consuming hot water infused with this bean. For some, it is a means of day-starting energy. Others simply love the rich and bold flavor, regardless people from all walks of life enjoy it.

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Inate Shiru Vacuum Food Container

While some people seem to have the whole “food on the trail” thing down to a science, I’m probably with the majority of people who find food preparation one of the more stressful parts of planning for a backpacking or hiking journey. Getting out the stove, preparing a little meal, and cleaning everything

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Essential Items for A Multi-Day Trek

From backpacking stretches of the Appalachian Trail to multi-day climbing trips in Joshua Tree National Park I have spent some time playing outdoors and have found out what works and what doesn't when it comes to gear. Packing the appropriate items is especially important when spending multiple days in the backcountry. Whether your

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