Five Favorite Photos From Iceland

I talk an awful lot about Iceland over here, but with good reason, it is such a beautiful, surprisingly accessible place, and I just love it. Most of the time, I share some of the many photos i've taken while traveling in Iceland, but I feel that I need to branch out and share some

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Kerið Crater – Iceland

Though the weather refused to cooperate with us for more than a few minutes, we still made the best of our three day stay in Iceland. The rain made it difficult to get good shots without constantly wiping down the lens. That being said, the moody atmosphere of the stormy weather made for some pretty

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Geothermal energy is a powerful force, and for Iceland, a way of life. Last month, while in Iceland, we got to experience the power and beauty of geothermal energy, firsthand. From the soothing hot springs to the abundant geothermal electricity, there is no shortage of this energy sources use. One beautiful and natural example of

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The Little Church on the Coast – Iceland

Iceland has been one of the most magical and untouched places I've ever been. Spending nearly ten days circumnavigating the country, I took in so many unique sights. Glacial flows, Buildings partially encased in hardened lava, Hot springs, and beautiful mountains. Of the sights I saw while exploring iceland, some of the scenery along the

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Sailing Jökulsárlón

When I got to Jökulsárlón near Vatnajökull National Park I was kinda bummed at the weather. Actually I was really bummed. It was very overcast, foggy, and rainy. I had myself convinced that taking photos was not going to yield me anything worthwhile. Then I looked out over the icy lagoon toward a monster glacier and saw

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Lost In Iceland

Every day in Iceland offered up a new an exciting adventure. The sky was never anything short of dramatic due to the constantly changing weather, and the 23 hours of daylight. When we got to the southern part of the country, we saw a glacier flow off in the distance, and since we had a

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