Signs Of Adventure: Road To Dimmuborgir

Returning to Scandinavia

After some planning and consideration it looks like I’ll be heading back to Iceland this year, and in addition, I will be continuing on to Norway to explore a whole new country, and Emalee will be joining me to help build memorable and exciting content for all to enjoy. Tentatively we plan on spending 3 day in Iceland, exploring exciting places near Reykjavik. We really want to show everyone how easy it is to enjoy Iceland, even if you only have a few days. After Iceland, we will continue on to Norway, for what will be a brand new experience for both of us. Keep watching Adventure Travel Buzz for more as planning continues!

Signs Of Adventure: Road To Dimmuborgir

With plans to return to Iceland spinning in my head, I thought it was fitting to chose a sign from the land of fire and ice for today’s “Signs of Adventure”. Very much of Iceland has an otherworldly feel, but for some reason the area around lake Mývatn felt even more out of this  world than the rest of the country. The volcanic legacy of this great island nation is beyond apparent in this area. Bubbling mud, geothermal vents, and volcanic mountains liter this landscape. After a dip in Mývatn Nature Bath, we took a hike to the crater of a long since destroyed volcano. Along the way we stopped at this sign that gave distances to a few sights in the area. We were heading in the direction of Dimmuborgir which roughly translates to “dark  cities” or “dark castles”, which is a geological formation made of volcanic rock that resembles a destroyed ancient city.


Signs Of Adventure is a weekly post that comes out on Thursday and features a sign related to adventure from around the world.

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