• Iceland Plane Crash

Iceland Plane Crash: Finding Iceland’s Crashed DC-3

Update: You can no longer enter the property via vehicle due to a few disrepectful people. While most of this info is still good, you will now have to plan for a several kilometer walk to the Iceland plane crash site. If you have any interest in Iceland, you probably have seen photos of the

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Soaking Up Mývatn Nature Baths

When I started researching Iceland, I continuously came across a place called Blue Lagoon, a geothermal hot spring near the Icelandic capitol of Reykjavik. This pretty much the go to hot spring in all of Scandinavia, and for good reason, it’s beautiful azure blue water and beautiful layout Is very appealing, especially to those traveling

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The Magnificent Crater Lake National Park

Before August of this year, I had not known much about Crater Lake National Park. Actually, It was barely on my radar at all, that was until a suggestion from Outdoor Informer's Jason Renda turned me on to the idea. I had just come off a two day stay on Washington's coveted Mount Rainier and needed some down time after a successful summit bid. With Mount Shasta in Northern California on my month-long cross country warpath, Crater lake made perfect sense.

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