Signs Of Adventure: Baxter Peak

Even for a day-hiker, reaching this sign is an accomplishment in and of itself, which is occasionally followed by the vertigo of the Knife Edge. For the southbound thru-hiker it is the beginning of the adventure, and it is a significant milepost for a flip-flopper like myself. Most importantly, it is the dramatic and iconic

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Signs Of Adventure: State Lines From The AT

Along with (figurative) century posts, interstate highways crossed, and National Parks navigated, checking off states is one of the main ways AT thru hikers measure their progress. Some of the associated signs, like the one which greeted me on June 8 upon entrance into Virginia, the state with the greatest mileage, are merely nondescript and

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Signs Of Adventure: Grand Teton National Park

Often overshadowed by the more well-known Yellowstone National Park to the north, Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park offer's some of the West's most impressive mountain views, hikes and other scenery. Honestly, I personally believe this sleeper hit has just as much, if not more to offer visitors than Yellowstone. In 2011, A few friends and

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Signs Of Adventure: Great Smoky Mountains

Northern GA and southern NC are a relatively solitary experience for the thru-hiker. This sign at mile 167 of the trail marks entrance into the busiest trail corridor, with over 7 million yearly visitors. After depositing their permits, thru-hikers also share the trail with the occasional horseback rider, and the several hundred black bears who

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Signs Of Adventure: Mount Sunflower

One of my favorite things to do while traveling, is find a way to loop high points into my trip. On a trip two years ago, I managed to visit the highest point in the State of Kansas, Mount Sunflower. While not that impressive looking, it is a high point none the less. Here I

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Signs Of Adventure: Crater Lake National Park

Today's Signs Of Adventure takes me back to my 2012 trip to Oregon to climb Mount Hood. While we never got onto the mountain due to terrible conditions, we did get to visit Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is the only national park in Oregon, and one of my favorite parks in the Country.

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Signs Of Adventure: Pike Place Market – Seattle

For years, I had dreamed about visiting Seattle. There was some sort of allure to this far flung pacific northwest city that drew in my imagination. Maybe it was the volcanic peaks of the cascade range looming nearby, or maybe it was the nostalgia I got from listening to the nineties grunge bands, but whatever

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Signs Of Adventure: Welcome To Idaho

It seems like every time I enter a state with my friend Bill, we can be found jumping out of the car at the welcome sign, and inevitably, he climbs the sing for a photo op. Well Today's Signs of Adventure is no different. Here Bill can be seeing topping out on Idaho's welcome sign

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Signs Of Adventure: Jerimoth Hill

As a traveler, we are often compelled to make lists, or complete certain goals. One such list of goals for me is to visit all fifty of the state high points here in the US. Big and small, all the US highpoints have significance. Primarily that significance is that this particular location happens to be

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Signs Of Adventure: Oregon Welcomes You

I had been on the road for over three weeks by the time I reached Oregon. Fresh off a two day climb of Washington's infamous Mount Rainier, I was fixing for something a bit more low key. After a good nights rest and a proper shower, I continued south along the Oregon coast before making

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