Into The Surf

I don't do a ton of beach trips because I usually like to explore the mountains, but since getting to a beach really isn't a huge time commitment, Emalee and I took a short weekend trip to Rehobeth Beach in Delaware to play in the ocean. Of course, that meant fun with my GoPro.

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Morning Curves

Travel Update The countdown begins! In less than four weeks, Emalee and I will begin our trek across the pond to Iceland and Norway. The plan is to spend three days in Iceland followed by eleven days in Norway. I am super excited about Norway since I have not made it there yet, but am

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Ride That Wave

With spring starting to make an appearance here in the Northeast, I am starting to get amped up about warm weather activities, both that I can participate in, and photograph. While I was exploring Delaware Seashore State Park  last summer, I ran into a bunch of skim boarders who were really quite impressive.  For nearly

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Surfer Girl

I am not a huge fan of typical beach trips, but when I can go after the normal crazy hours of the day I jump on the opportunity. Back in July I was in Rehoboth Beach Delaware to do some cycling and of course I made sure to work some photography into the mix. The first

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Fire In The Sky

Happy Halloween! Hope everyone who loves to dress up and be scary has a great halloween! I really love to see some of the creativity that goes into some pretty elaborate costumes. Enjoy! :) Fire In The Sky Waking up an hour before sunrise always seems effortless when I expect to see a beautiful sight,

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Sunrise On The Coast

As a young pup, I went to the Rehobeth Beach area every year with my family to camp, but as I got older and started doing my own thing, I hadn't gone in years. I decided recently I need a quick weekend away that didn't involve mountains or climbing things, so I opted for a

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On The Coastal Road

The California coast is one of those special places in America that seem to be slowly slipping away. Coastal communities like Big Sur offer a magic piece of paradise that everyone wants to experience at some point in their life. When I traveled down the Pacific Coastal Highway from Santa Cruz to Ventura last August,

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