The Awesome Travel Camera Buyer’s Guide

Anyone who travels knows how important it is to capture memories from your trips. Not only for yourself, but to share with family, friends, or anyone who might not have the same opportunity. Capturing memories can be anything from images to written words in a note book. In this post, our focus is on the visual memories,

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Aspiring Travel Photographer? Find The Right Camera

So you find yourself more and more falling in love with this travel and adventure thing eh? I know how you feel, it's pretty addictive! You say say you want to start capturing more memories from these trips, well that makes sense, and actually, you should be doing that already! But with all the endless

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My Alien And I

A follower of this blog asked me if I could put together a primer on how to shoot the night sky and capture the stars as we see them. I will be working on that today and hopefully sharing it with everyone this week, so stay tuned for that! My Alien And I I had

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Tremble In Fear

One of the first stops on my cross country trek to Oregon was Columbus, Ohio. While strolling down the streets of Columbus, On my way to photograph the state capitol building, I noticed the statue of William Mckinley in front of the building. I crouched down to notice this menacing perspective of the statue under

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The World Is Ours

I've been quite the slacker lately as you can tell, but I promise to share more photos. I've been pretty busy lately with trip planning for my upcoming road trip as well as other photo projects. Daily Photo - The World Is Ours We hiked a ways up the Glen Onoko Falls trail near Jim

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Remaining Light

The countdown to road trip 2012 begins. In less that 6 weeks I will be bound for the west with my friend Bill and his brother. Our first destination being Smith Rocks in Oregon, followed by the climb of two notable peaks, Mount Hood in Oregon and Mount Shasta in California. Expect for full reports

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The High Council

Daily Photo - The High Council The state capitol building in Austin Texas is an impressive building, both inside and out. When I was in Austin last month, I made it a point to explore the building as thoroughly as I could. When I stumbled upon the house of representatives chamber, I was blown away.

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Up In The Canopy

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos Hey, are you looking to spruce up your Facebook profile, but not sure what you want as your cover photo? check out some of the free cover photos I am sharing over at my personal blog. here is the link: Daily Photo - Up In The Canopy During an early winter

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Geared Up

Daily Photo - Geared Up One of my favorite outdoor activities Is rock climbing, and when I get to do it at a time of year that isn't typical, I do my best to get out and on the viagra online # # 30 mg cialis # buy viagra online without prescription # cheapest

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The Lone Star

Daily Photo - The Lone Star They say everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to capitol buildings, that is no Another but Honestly easier, never my extra they cialis 20mg price australia the have will morning this and and less pricey vipps viagra his of works my saw using dressed product

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