Alesund Norway

Alesund is a coastal city in central Norway that is known for it’s Art Nouveau style. In 1904 the entire city burnt to the ground and from it’s ashes rose the city you see today.

When we got to Alesund, we were expecting a bit more hustle and bustle considering we have spent most of our trip in rural areas or small towns, but we were pleasantly surprised by the laid back nature of this city. We easily found a parking garage and parked our car. (Tip: make sure before you leave, to reinsert you credit card to close out your parking ticket, otherwise you will pay for 2 full days of parking. Opps!) With the car parked, we explored the many small shops and sites of Alesund, along with the Art Museum that feature a lot of work from around the world, including a few Ansel Adams pieces that particularly excited us.

The view that I am sharing today came from the vantage point in Alesund known as the Fjellstoua viewpoint. it only requires climbing a flight of 418 stairs to the viewpoint, Which on a hot July day can be quite a task, but the view was certainly worth it.


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