Sunset Over Mesa Verde

Mesa-Verde-Sunset-Web While wandering around the Southwest last year, Mesa Verde National Park jumped on my radar. I had just finished up a few days in Moab and was looking for a new place to camp and explore. Looking through my maps, I realized that I was only about two hours from Mesa Verde, and seeing as I had never been their, I decided to chart a course in that direction. While driving back to Morefield Campground from the pueblo sites I caught this beautifully dramatic sunset. The colors were incredible! I spent two days exploring this massive part, and barely scratched the surface. If you only get a short amount of time in this park I suggest getting a guided tour of one of the ruins. They are only a few dollars a person, and it is the only way you can get up close and personal with these ancient structures. I toured the Cliff Palace and was blown away by its beauty and detail.  

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