Trying stuff makes us grow

As I reflect on my recent trip to Utah with people I never met before and all of the travel I’ve done, I can't help but think about how trying stuff has affected my life now, in the past, and in the future. I was asked many times what trying stuff meant to me, and

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Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

Disney World is a pretty magic place, even to grown up kids like me. I remember the excitement I felt as a child when my parent took me there, and I felt very much of the same excitement when I went back this year. All of the parks at Disney World have a lot of

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Preparing for Park City

If you pay any attention to me on Twitter or Instagram, Im sure you have seen me talk about #Omniten or #TryingStuff and wondered what that's all about, or maybe you havn't been wondering at all. Well for those of you that have been wondering, #Omniten and #TryingStuff are two hashtags used by members of

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Planning My Assault On Utah

As I gear up for any trip, my plans seem to fall together organically. I start out with the big picture, and everything else seems to fall in place. My upcoming late September trip to Utah is no exception. When I started thinking about where I wanted to head next, the only thing I really

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Adventure in Acadia National Park

The Pacifc Northwest is really awesome! This post has nothing to do with that. Today i'm talking about the Atlantic Northeast. Is that a thing? Do people say that? I'm not sure, but I like it so I will use it. Acadia National Park has been on my radar as a place to visit for

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Overlooking Tuckermans Ravine

Climbing mountains in the snow is one those things that I love doing. Even in the northeast, where the mountains are nowhere near as grand as they are in the west, there is a sense of adventure and accomplishment to be had. This past March, a few friends and I made the trip north to

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Preparing for Iceland

So I finally have decided to go to Iceland. I'm not sure what inspired me to go there initially, but I know I have wanted to for a while and well, now I get to go! Well, not right now, but in May. Why exactly should anyone go to Iceland, you might ask? Well I

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We Made It!

I had never been to Lake Tahoe, and was mesmerized by the beauty of this lake, second only to the magnificent Crater Lake, several hundred miles to the north in Oregon. After a nice stop off at a lake side bar for some beers and a break from the open road, we moved on. On

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Tremble In Fear

One of the first stops on my cross country trek to Oregon was Columbus, Ohio. While strolling down the streets of Columbus, On my way to photograph the state capitol building, I noticed the statue of William Mckinley in front of the building. I crouched down to notice this menacing perspective of the statue under

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Crossing To The West… Again!

Count Down! T-Minus 14 days and counting until I embark on yet another cross country adventure. This time, I will be heading first to my very own state capitol in Harrisburg, PA to add another photograph to my state capitol project, then I will be heading west, hopefully grabbing a few state capitol buildings along

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