The Stairs To Delicate Arch

Daily Photo - The Stairs To Delicate Arch After an emergency tire replacement in Richfield, Utah and 250 dollars spent, we arrived in Moab. With our stomachs full of local food and beer, My friend Bill and I hunkered down for a windy night in the desert. The next day It was 97 degrees and

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Rock Climbing Meets Madison Avenue

By - Bill Urbanski One sure sign that rock climbing has hit the mainstream is its recent appearance in several current television ads.  Miller Lite injected a humorous look at climbers into its “un-manly” series.  Heating and air-conditioning company Service Experts also used humor in a pitch featuring an “expert” ice climber. For a more

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They Lit A Fire In Salt Lake City

Hey guys, just a heads up! soon I will be posting a tutorial on how to create awesome panoramas using Photomerge, which is a part of the newer versions of Photoshop. If you have any desire to learn how to create stunning wide photos that look awesome and don't require hours of work, then definitely keep Adventure

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Independence Monument

September 2, 2011 GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado – The allure of the desert tower has long held sway over my climbing Psyche.  When I first laid eyes on Devils Tower in Wyoming in 2004, I knew I had to climb it – and I didn’t even start climbing seriously until 2009.  I’ve since climbed Devils Tower

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Moab and Arches

September 1, 2011 MOAB, Utah – The original plan was to climb Red Rocks, just outside of Vegas. But with triple digit temperatures forecast, Patrick and I headed north and east in search of cooler climates to climb. We passed up Zion (too hot), and Mount Hayden along the Grand Canyon North Rim

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Episode 5: The Most Epic Trip

This time, on just another outdoors show, Gina and Stehphen tell us about their 5 month climbing epic they like to call 'The Most Epic Trip'. Jason tells us all about the latest and greatest on his site,, including a Justin Bieber sighting. All this and more, don't miss it!

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